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10 Tips to Help Organize Your Move Across Town


Moving can be a stressful time for anyone involved, and for some crazy reason we often think that a move across town will be less so. Perhaps it’s that the new home is so close that it feels like it’s no big deal. You know, gather up your relatives and closest friends, throw your things in some boxes, load it all up caravan style and you’re set! Right?


But a move across town CAN be a lot less stressful with some careful planning using our best moving tips! So we’re giving you our top ten tips for a successful local move!


  1. Overlapping Moving Dates – Time is one of the most important factors when moving. If you have extra time to clean your new place before you move in and time to clean the old place as you pack, do it! Overlapping your moving dates (moving into the new home before you have to be out of your old home) can be a lifesaver if you can work it out.


  1. Preplanning Your Route – Always preplan your route even when moving just across town in a very familiar place. You have the hometown benefit of knowing peak traffic times and event traffic, so use that to your advantage. Also keep in mind alternative routes, just in case of accidents or unexpected construction delays.


  1. Decluttering Before You Pack – Have you been holding on to things that you know you will eventually get rid once you have the time? Well guess what? Now’s that time. Decluttering your home and getting rid of any items you know you don’t want will help you save time packing and hauling. Essentially downsizing the items you know you want to get rid of gives you less to unpack when you get to your new home.


  1. Transferring Utilities – You will definitely want to have access to all of your utilities as soon as you arrive in your new home. So don’t forget to make the proper arrangements and transfer them in time. This one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often this gets overlooked in a local move.


  1. Packing Supplies – Knowing the area gives you an advantage. There are plenty of local businesses that would love to get rid of their extra boxes for free. Also keep an eye out for new neighbors who are just moving in. They are likely to give you the packing supplies they just used and are ready to get rid of. It’s a win-win.


  1.  Packing Tips – Using items you already have to help you pack is a time and money saver. Pack fragile items in blankets, tablecloths, and towels can all help you pack. Consider using laundry baskets and hampers to pack small items like movies, toys, cds, etc. Look around at the things in your house and be creative about what can become a box or packing material.


  1. Labeling Boxes – This organizing tip can help save you time and frustration in the long run. Try to make sure that each box is labeled correctly with the room that it goes to and a generalization of what’s in the box. Also make sure that you label boxes with essentials that you use everyday so that they are easy to find and access.


  1. Parking – You want to make sure you have some sort of parking plan, especially if you decide to rent a moving truck. Keep in mind your overhead clearance as well. You don’t want to be the new neighbor that holds up traffic in your new neighborhood on your first day.


  1. Getting Help – Moving is a lot of work and can feel like it would take an army to actually finish. That is why hiring movers or getting help from some reliable friends is something to definitely consider. Moving across town can seem simple enough until you realize how heavy your furniture is and how much stuff you actually have. And hey, don’t forget to thank your friends with free drinks and pizza at the end of a hard day of work (and maybe even a nice handwritten note a week or two later?).


  1. Moving Rentals – Rental trucks, or rental equipment can be very helpful, especially if you don’t want to make more than just a couple of trips back and forth from the old place to the new place. Also getting rental equipment like dollies, moving blankets, and tie downs will help make the move much easier.


There you have it, some of our best tips on moving across town. At Cloninger Properties, we want your move across town to be the best move it can be! Let us know how your move goes! We’d love to hear back from you.


Keeping it real,


The Cloninger Properties Team

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