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    Lake Norman Real Estate: How to Get Over the Hurdles in Homebuying

    By Karen Cloninger |

    As much as we wish homebuying were as easy as they show us on HGTV, sometimes, there are some hurdles to jump through to get into your perfect home. We hope that the process will be as smooth as possible, but, realistically, we must prepare for hiccups to happen. And because we believe you should... Read More

    Lake Norman Real Estate: Guide to Buying a Home

    By Karen Cloninger |

    There are many steps to buying a house. Some are obvious, like selecting an agent. But others can get lost in the shuffle. So, to help navigate the waters, we’ve created some downloadable resources to help you on your journey to buying your dream home!   We like to begin with a questionnaire. It asks... Read More

    Lake Norman Real Estate: What are Homebuyer’s Must Haves?

    By Karen Cloninger |

    Buyers’ checklists of must-haves include a lot of specifics, many that probably wouldn’t surprise you. Square footage. Number of bedrooms. Size of closets. Updated kitchen. When buyers consider a listing, this is typically what most look at first.   But have you thought about the schools in your area? Whether you’re looking for a home... Read More

    Lake Norman Real Estate: The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Land

    By Karen Cloninger |

    If you’ve spent countless hours searching through listings, going to showing after showing, and spending every weekend at open houses and you still haven’t found the perfect home, it may be time to build. It’s possible that YOUR dream home just doesn’t exist yet! But before you break ground and pour a foundation, here are... Read More

    Lake Norman Real Estate: Relocating to Denver of the East

    By Karen Cloninger |

    Homes for sale in Denver, NC, are the focus of much attention. Buyers looking for a happy medium between the beach and the mountains of this appealing state don’t need to look further than Cloninger Properties. The real estate we feature is located in west central NC and offers a calm and convenient lifestyle. Whether... Read More

    Lake Norman Area Real Estate Experts

    By Carol Jones |

    Do you really need to work with a Lake Norman area real estate expert to find a great home? With all the real estate information readily available on the Internet these days, it’s easy to assume that you don’t need a real estate agent to find and buy your dream home. We totally understand that... Read More

    Making An Offer On Your First Home

    By Carol Jones |

    As a first time homebuyer in the Lake Norman area, you’ve decided how much house you can afford, and you’ve shopped for and found the home of your dreams. Now it’s time for making an offer on your first home.   A smart homebuyer knows that working with an experienced real estate agent is key throughout the... Read More

    Lake Norman Real Estate: Buying a FSBO With A Buyer’s Agent

    By Carol Jones |

    Imagine finding the home of your dreams and then realizing it’s a FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Before you decide to forego this great home, let us give you some tips on working with your Buyer’s Agent to buy a home that’s not listed through a licensed real estate agent. It might feel a little... Read More

    Yes, Your Realtor Can Help With a New Construction Home

    By Karen |

    Everywhere you look these days, new neighborhoods are popping up. Sure, there is something to be said for moving into a brand new home. The carpet, the floors, the updated amenities, everything is new, and well . . . some people just love the allure of a brand new home. There are so many upsides... Read More