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    Getting Organized in the New Year

    Happy New Year, friends! We cannot believe how quickly the time has passed as we now close the chapter on

    2015, and look ahead at a brand new beginning in 2016. This is the time of year when many people begin to

    make resolutions – to get back in shape, eat better, or make more time for themselves. Chief among New

    Year’s resolutions is the ever important “Get More Organized!” Have you thought about making a resolution

    this year to be more organized at home? Even if you aren’t planning on moving anytime soon, having an

    organized home can help you in a multitude of ways, making it  easier to clean, giving you less anxiety about

    clutter, and even providing a sense of much-needed simplicity.




    To help you out, we’ve teamed up with Lisa Giesler, Professional Organizer and Author of Uncluttered:

    Discovering Strength and Purpose in the Chaos of Life,” to give you some great tips on getting (and staying)

    organized in 2016.


    1. Make a Plan

    Don’t try to tackle the entire house in one day, instead, make a plan to tackle one room at a  time. If you’re

    more comfortable starting in the most cluttered room, begin there. In her book, “My Life is a Mess:

    Organizing 101,” Giesler suggests starting in a smaller room, perhaps the pantry or a small hall closet, and

    working your way up to the bigger tasks. Also, pace yourself. The entire house doesn’t need to be organized in

    one weekend.

    2. Cut the Clutter

    As you begin to organize, stick to a simple rule – if you haven’t used it or worn it in  six months, it has to go.

    According to Giesler, “Cutting the clutter is one of the hardest parts of cleaning out your home, because as

    you come across things you haven’t seen in months, you reason with yourself that you may need it in the

    future. Don’t fall into that trap!”


    3. Donate Your Gently Used Items

    Find a local non-profit or community organization that can accept gently used items you’re going to get rid

    of. Whether you decide a room has too much furniture and needs a little more open space or you have

    a bag of clothes that you haven’t worn in months, contact local non-profits and organizations to see who

    would be the best suited to take your gently used items.

    (If you’re in the Lake Norman or Denver, NC, area, we recommend Our Towns Habitat for Humanity 



    4. Get Organizing Containers and Storage Bins

    Many people want to save the bulky plastic Rubbermaid bins  for the attic, which is completely

    understandable. While they stack and store quite easily, they are definitely not a centerpiece to any room.

    However, many different stores carry unique and creative pieces of furniture that can double as storage.

    Giesler recommends finding a sturdy cedar chest for office storage or a beautiful ottoman with hidden

    storage to keep blankets in the living room.


    5. Identify Places That Will Need Daily Focus

    Giesler’s favorite organizational saying is, “A Time and Place for Everything.” (She uses the saying so often,

    she even named her business that!) Some areas of your home will be magnets for clutter, such as your

    kitchen counters. Identify the problem areas where papers, bills, homework and other things tend to pile up

    and create a space that accommodates them. If your keys are always lost under the clutter on the counters,

    purchase a simple hook that can be installed near the entryway or inside a cabinet in the kitchen where your

    keys can have a spot of their own. Small changes can make a big impact.


    It’s often a daunting task to think about organizing your home. However, the end result will leave

    you feeling accomplished. And once the de-cluttering and organization is complete, you may

    even look at a room in an entirely different light and jump to the next thing on your to-do list:

    Room Makeovers!


    As 2016 approaches, we want you to know we are always here, ready to help you however we can as you

    prepare to sell or buy a home (of course). But if we can help you in any other way, don’t hesitate to give us a

    call. At Cloninger Properties, we aren’t just your realtor, we are your community.


    Keeping it real,

    The Cloninger Properties Team
    Keller Williams Realty

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