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Giving Your Home the Front Porch Welcome


Here in the Lake Norman area, nothing says “Welcome Home” like the attention you give your front porch. Ever heard the expression “You only get one chance to make a good first impression?” When selling your home, your welcoming front porch gives future buyers an idea of what they will experience once inside. Why not wow them before they ever walk through the front door?



We’ve talked with some of our favorite staging experts and these are the great tips they gave us for making your front door first impression a great one! In the Lake Norman area we have such great weather year round, your front porch can really showcase the beauty of your home.


Keep it Clean

So many homeowners enter and exit their homes through their garage these days, it’s very easy to overlook the dirt, grime, leaves and bugs that seem to appear out of nowhere. At some point each day, be sure to give your porch a quick look-over to be sure it’s clean and free from debris. Clean any windows and wipe down the door weekly. And if you haven’t given your front door a new coat of paint in over a year, now is a great time to do that! (Buyers typically have several minutes to look over your porch while their real estate agent is unlocking the front door!)



Keep it Bright

Brighten up your porch with some punches of color. You can add color in so many great ways including flower pots, welcome mats, pillows and cushions on your outdoor seating, even your front door itself can add that pop of color that will wow your future buyer. Our experts also recommended adding a seating element (even a small one) to add some character to your bright and beautiful front porch.




Keep it Current

It’s always great to add seasonal décor to your front porch, but it’s important to keep it current. Think in terms of big chunks of time instead of specific holidays. Our experts love carrying a fall theme from September to Thanksgiving, then decorating for the Christmas season from Thanksgiving to the New Year. They recommend a minimalist look for the winter, and then some lovely pops of color to welcome in spring and carry your front porch welcome through the summer.



Keep it Lit

Depending on the season, you may be showing your home when the days start getting darker a little earlier, so you’ll want to be sure your porch is well-lit. Beyond making sure your front porch light is in working order (and clean), consider lighting your walkway with some solar-charged path lights, and possibly even adding some accent lighting to your front porch décor. You can also set your lights on a timer, so you never have to remember to turn the lights off or on!

At Cloninger Properties, we take every opportunity to help our sellers make the very best first impression with their future buyers. It’s why we offer staging and professional photography (free of charge) to all of our sellers. We know what it takes to successfully list and sell homes. Let us help you sell your home today.

Keeping it real,

The Cloninger Properties Team
Keller Williams

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