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Lake Norman Area Real Estate Experts


Do you really need to work with a Lake Norman area real estate expert to find a great home? With all the real estate information readily available on the Internet these days, it’s easy to assume that you don’t need a real estate agent to find and buy your dream home. We totally understand that logic, and it seems to make sense, but in reality, it’s sort of like using Web M.D. to try to diagnose your own illness. It’s just not recommended.


There are many good reasons to hire a real estate agent when you are buying a home, but it’s important not to hire just any real estate agent. You want to hire a local expert. Here at Cloninger Properties, we call ourselves the local experts, but what does that really mean? For us, it comes down to one key thing: knowledge.


A Local Expert Knows the Area

If a Cloninger hasn’t walked, fished, hunted, hiked, four-wheeled, driven through, or listed a property here in the Lake Norman area, that property doesn’t exist! When we say we know the area, we mean we KNOW the area. We know it because we’ve lived here for generations.


How does that help you as a buyer?


We Narrow the Field Quickly

When you are relocating to the Lake Norman area, including Charlotte and all the surrounding cities, there are hundreds of suburbs and neighborhoods to choose from. A real estate agent who is a true local expert (not just someone who advertises themselves as one) can determine your needs and focus their search to the top two or three areas to consider within minutes.


We’ve Got the Inside Scoop

A local expert knows which schools are best for your family. Are you looking for a great football program? We know which school district has that. Looking for a great science and math program? We know which school district has that as well. Looking for a school that has a stellar special education program? Yes, we know which school district is best for that as well. Sure, you can find generic school information at websites like, but if you want the “real scoop” from someone who knows the area, you’ll want to hire a local expert.


We also know the critical information you want to know, including information about flooding, upcoming zoning changes, commercial builds in current greenspaces, new schools being built, neighborhood revitalization . . . you won’t find all that information on the internet. You need a local expert to give you the inside scoop.


We Know the Other Local Experts

A local real estate expert also knows and works with other local experts. This includes mortgage experts, inspectors, and title companies. We have your best interest at heart and can direct you to a long list of experts with proven track records in the industry.


When we say we are the local experts in the Lake Norman area, we have the history to back it up. Check out all the testimonials from happy buyers and sellers, and you’ll see what we mean. Let the Cloninger Properties Team, the premiere Lake Norman area real estate experts, help you find your dream home.


Keeping it real,

The Cloninger Properties Team

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