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Lake Norman Real Estate: Selling Your Waterfront Home

Spring is the perfect time to sell your lake home. Buyers are attracted by the lure of fun summer days spent on the water and warm summer nights spent gazing at stars unobstructed by city lights. If you’re ready to list your lake home, here are some great tips for maximizing the value of your Lake Norman real estate.



Staging the inside of your home is critically important, but did you know staging the outside of your lake front home can provide just as big a bang for your buck? Begin by creating multiple entertainment areas, as these will each add value in the waterfront buyer’s mind. Set the table for a BBQ or some other fun, entertaining event. Strategically place flowerpots on shorefront patios and decks. And if possible, have the lawn and waterfront area professionally landscaped.


Docks and Decks

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If your property comes with docks and/or decking, be sure to replace any worn or broken boards, and give the entire a surface a new coat of stain. Many Lake Norman buyers are new to waterfront living and may not feel comfortable taking on waterfront tasks just yet. And this is an area many sellers overlook, so why not set yourself (and your lake home) apart from the rest?


Maximize the View

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An often overlooked step is maximizing the view of the lake. Clean the windows, inside and out, and remove any view obstructing overgrowth or furnishings. You want your buyers to be able to see that view they are purchasing!


Beaches and Boathouses

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If your lake front property has a beach or a boathouse, you’ll want to spend some time making those look special as well. Rake your beach prior to a showing, or maybe build a small sand castle and have a child’s toy nearby. Grandparents like to envision their grandchildren playing at the water’s edge. And be sure to give your boathouse the same treatment as your docks and decks, as well as cleaning out any insect or bird nests.


Area Information

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And lastly, remember that many waterfront buyers are looking for second homes when purchasing Lake Norman real estate. They may be unfamiliar with the lake area. It would be great to provide them a map of the lake and its amenities in relationship to your property. At Cloninger Properties, we even provide an aerial video that showcases the property and gives the buyer a great perspective.



And of course, the most important step of all, list your home with a trusted and knowledgeable agent. You want a team who knows the area and surrounding areas better than anyone else. Give us a call today and let us show you what sets Cloninger Properties apart. We’d love to help you sell your Lake Norman waterfront property.


Keep it real,

Cloninger Properties

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