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Lake Norman Real Estate: The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Land

If you’ve spent countless hours searching through listings, going to showing after showing, and spending every weekend at open houses and you still haven’t found the perfect home, it may be time to build. It’s possible that YOUR dream home just doesn’t exist yet! But before you break ground and pour a foundation, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts of buying a piece of land.


Do work with a professional who is experienced in land sales.


There are many, often overlooked, details when buying land. A seasoned real estate agent will help you negotiate and close the deal, giving you peace of mind down the road. You want to make sure your investment is as profitable as possible, and a real estate pro will help ensure that!


Don’t forget to get a land survey and to test the environment.


You wouldn’t buy a home without first getting an inspection, right? So of course, you shouldn’t buy land without first getting it surveyed and tested! A survey is going to let you know the boundaries of your property, so you know where you can and can’t build, and it will also let you know if neighbors have encroached on your property. An environmental test will check the health of the land for any contaminants, potential flooding risk, etc. This test will ensure your home is build on solid and safe ground.


Do consider road access and utilities.


Often times, with existing homes or new builds in a neighborhood, we take things like driveways, electricity, and water lines for granted. When budgeting for you build, remember that you may have to factor these into your final costs.


Don’t cozy up to your neighbors… yet.


Now, don’t get us wrong. We love loving our neighbors. But sometimes, when there’s been an empty plot of land in their backyard for some time, they may not be too keen on seeing it cleared to make way for your new home. Wait to get to know your new neighbors until after you’ve moved in. We haven’t met anyone who hasn’t warmed up to a new neighbor over a plate of freshly baked cookies!


Do take the value of homes in the area into consideration.


When you’re building your dream home, make sure you take into account the homes that surround it. Work closely with your real estate agent to know the value of the the proposed home on the land to ensure your construction loan is approved.


And lastly, DO give Cloninger Properties a call when you are looking for the perfect piece of land for your build. Generations of Cloningers have lived in this area, and you can be sure of this, if a Cloninger hasn’t hiked, biked, hunted on, fished near, walked across, or bought or sold a piece of land in this area, it doesn’t exist. We ARE the local experts.


Keeping it real,
The Cloninger Properties Team

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