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Master Bathroom Makeovers: Staging Your Lake House Bathroom on a Budget

When most people envision lake house life, they think of a simpler, calmer way of life. So when you are staging your lake home for sale, it’s a great idea to capitalize on that vision, especially in a small master bathroom. Bathrooms are easy to overlook because we are in them so often. It’s common not to notice they may have become dated or disorganized. And when you are getting your home ready to sell, the master bathroom is a room you most definitely cannot afford to overlook. So once again, we contacted our friend and organizational expert, Lisa Giesler, for some tips on refreshing, organizing and staging a lake house bathroom. And the best thing of all about her staging ideas is you can find ALL of these items at the dollar store!


Four Items From the Dollar Store That Will Dramatically Change Your Lake House Bathroom

Mason Jars: Mason jars and other decorative glassware are a fun way to either store things on your counters, on shelves, or around your bathtub.. Put cotton swabs, cotton balls, nail polish, hair bands, soaps, and any other small personal items in jars to keep them organized. Looking for a fun way to spruce up a counter top and also store your makeup brushes? Put some coffee beans in a mason jar and then push your makeup brushes (handle side down) into the coffee beans. Not only is it a fun way to keep the brushes organized, but the coffee beans will add a touch of color and fragrance to your bathroom.


Baskets: The counters seem to beckon clutter. Find a few baskets of different sizes and place them on the counters in your bathroom. Store toothpaste, hairbrushes, and any other products you would typically keep on the counter, inside the baskets and just like that, you’ve freed up some prime counter real estate. You can also use larger baskets (as pictured below) to store toilet paper, hand towels, wash cloths and spare towels, freeing up room in your cabinets.



Greenery:  The beauty of outdoor life is one reason people want to live on the lake. So why not bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors? You can easily create this effect with small green plants. Whether on shelves, on the bathroom counter (as shown in the above picture), around the tub, or in the windowsill, a well-placed plant brings the tranquility of nature right into your home. The greenery below is placed in an outdoor clay pot (both from the dollar store) and adds a nice pop of color at eye level, sure to capture the eye of your future buyer.



Candles: Whether you go with a few tea lights or larger, more decorative candles, use candles that add a sense of peace and calm to your bathroom. Placing them around your bathtub or in the windowsill creates an environment that beckons would-be buyers to picture themselves relaxing there. Lavender and peppermint make fabulous complimentary scents that also will keep the bathroom smelling fresh when they aren’t lit.


These four simple additions to your master bathroom can have you quickly heading in the right direction as you begin to revamp your lake house master bath. Remember, organization is key in any room where clutter lingers, especially when you are staging your home. Get creative this year and let us hear back from you as you incorporate these great tips into your own bathroom décor.

Keeping it real,

The Cloninger Properties Team

*Photo Credit to Blesser House. Be sure to checkout their Master Makeover Reveal

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