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Great Goodbyes for Great Neighbors


The thrill of selling your home and moving to a new one is often filled with so many mixed emotions. There’s the excitement of the new adventure ahead, the new start in a new location. There’s the stress of all the moving pieces (no pun intended) that go along with buying and selling a home, and then of course, there is saying goodbye. This can be especially difficult when you’ve had great neighbors who have become great friends.


So how do say goodbye to great neighbors? We asked some of our clients for their ideas and here’s what they came up with:


A Letter – Nothing brings more sentiment than sharing your feelings and your gratefulness with a simple letter. Words can leave an everlasting impression, especially to those whom you care for. Think back on memories you’ve shared and even add your favorite quote about friendship to show them how much you really care.

A Date – Did you have a favorite coffee place to meet? Maybe, you had a path you walked together? Set a date and time for you to say goodbye doing what you loved to do together. Friendship can be hard to hold on to, but those memories will last forever.

A Gift of Memories – Now days there are many ways to give the gift of memories. Get crafty, make a DVD with home movies and photos. Make a photobook of all the best of the best photos from all your dinners, barbeques and parties! There are plenty creative DIY crafts that you could do with photos or videos you may have of your favorite memories together.

A Gift Basket – There are many, many options for gift baskets. You can purchase from a wide variety available online or even your local stores. You can also make a personalized gift basket. Add mementos from your friendship, photos, or even their favorite movies, snacks or drinks!! The possibilities are endless, and you can always add a small homemade goodbye card.

The excitement of your new adventure awaits you, and we are just as excited for you about that part of the journey, but we also want you to know we care about what you are leaving behind. Good friends are a treasure. May your goodbyes be as special as your friendship.


Keeping it real,

The Cloninger Properties Team

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