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How Do You Sell A Home When You Own a Pet?

It’s no secret that we at Cloninger Properties are pet lovers. We own a sweet Australian Labradoodle, and she is very much like a member of our family, as most pets are to their owners. So how do you sell a home when you own a pet? It’s a great question and an important one to get right.



As much as you love your pet, not everyone is a pet lover, and many buyers (even ones who own a pet) don’t want to think about buying a home that has had pets in it. So before you list your home, there are some considerations you want to make when it comes to your pet.

Great Steps to Helping Your Pet When Your Home Is On The Market

First, talk to your veterinarian and discuss the situation. Selling a home is stressful on everyone who lives in the home, even the fur babies. Your Vet knows your pet and can possibly make some great recommendations for how to help your pet cope with the stress of a home on the market.


As with any type of listing, be sure you take the time to repair any damage, restore any major modifications to the home, and eliminate any odors caused by your pet. This includes doorframes, pet doors, carpets, walls, flooring that might be scratched from the pet and/or discolored due to litter box residue.


Remove the clutter that comes with pet ownership. Doggie beds, kennels, litter boxes, pet toys, etc., all say a pet lives here. As we established earlier, many buyers, even those who own a pet, don’t want to think about buying a home that has had a pet resident.


If at all possible, you don’t want your pet to be home during showings. This can be especially difficult to accomplish with dogs and cats, as rehoming, even for short periods of time can be stressful to the animal. But likewise, having strangers in and out of their homes can be equally as stressful. If day kenneling is an option, or an extended visit to a beloved friend or family member would work, you may want to consider those options or something similar.


You love your pet, and we love ours too! Helping you navigate selling your home quickly and for top dollar is important to us, but helping your pet survive the transition is important to us as well!


Together, we will get your home sold and you and your pet settled into a lovely new home!


Keeping it real,


The Cloninger Properties Team

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