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2016 Is A Sellers Market and What That Means For You

“The real estate housing market is forecasted to be primarily a seller’s market in 2016. This could mean increasing home prices, relatively low inventory, and incredible competition between buyers,” according to Tony Cloninger. “If you are a buyer hoping to close on a home this year, you’ll want to keep your eyes wide open and be prepared to move quickly when you find the home you’re looking for. On the flip side, for sellers, it’s more about understanding what’s happening in your local market, and that is best accomplished with a local expert.”



That’s what makes the Cloninger Properties Team so great. If you are a buyer or a seller, looking to close on a home in the Lake Norman Real Estate market, you won’t find a more experienced (or more local) team of experts, than the Cloninger Properties Team, Keller Williams Realty. As a lifelong North Carolinian and resident of Lincoln County and Lake Norman, Tony’s more than 30 years as a sales and marketing professional further enhances his ability to effectively promote and sell a property. Tony is a team player who knows how to bring together all parties in a transaction to get the deal to go through in a timely and efficient manner.


Karen Cloninger brings a different element to the team, but a critically important one as well. She understands first hand how buying and selling real estate is much more than a financial transaction. It’s a logistical, legal and emotional process that she is committed to walking through with her clients.


The Cloninger Team includes a critical array of free services to their sellers, including free professional photographer, free home staging, and free floor plans (an item buyers always want). And rounding out their team is LaDonna Bumgarner, Team Coordinator, who makes the whole process of buying or selling a home streamlined, ensuring every closing is a smooth one.


In a hot housing market, working with a local expert is always your best bet. If a Cloninger has not walked it, hunted it, raced it, camped it, driven it, biked it, golfed it, swam it, fished it; then the property does not exist in the Denver – Lake Norman area. Just ask the locals. They’ll tell you, we are the local experts. Who do you know, that we should be helping?




Keeping it real,


The Cloninger Properties Team

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