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Do Staged Homes Sell Faster?


You don’t have to be an Interior Designer or HGTV regular to know that a professionally staged home can drastically improve the amount of time your home will be on the market. In fact, in a recent survey, it was discovered that staged homes sell in half the time that non-staged homes do. That’s quite an impressive number.


At Cloninger Properties, we offer professional staging as a free service to our sellers because when their house sells quickly, we all win! So today, we’re sharing with you our top six staging tips to sell your house quickly!


Tip Number One: Say Hey The Southern Way

Nothing makes a good first impression like a good first impression. Clean off the porch and add a nice new welcome mat. Don’t overdo it with wreaths and plants (especially if you are a forgetful waterer)! Keep it simple and clean.


Tip Number Two: Set Tables for Entertaining

Buyers love to picture their homes filled with friends and family (and food). Setting tables (including the ones in your kitchen, breakfast bar, dining room, and your patio) with solid colored place settings, coordinating napkins and wine glasses inspire that feel of family and fun your buyers will eat up.


Tip Number Three: Create a Spa Experience

This is one of our favorite tips for a staged home. Make the master bathroom feel like a spa experience. Think nice, fluffy white towels, candles, wine glasses by the bathtub, etc. Houses are sold because of bathrooms and kitchens. Make yours memorable.


Tip Number Four: Pack Away the Clutter and Keep It Clean

It’s difficult to declutter a house when you live in it, but it’s a critical part of staging your home to sell. Buyers want to picture “their” family and “their things” in the home. The less of “you” they see, the more of  themselves they can imagine. And, when it comes to the master bedroom, keep your color palette neutral and allow as much natural light as possible. Trust us when we tell you, buyers will remember a master bedroom that feels like an oasis from the chaos of life.


Tip Number Five: Add a Pop of Color

We love to add a pop of color to environments because those pops of color make the home memorable. Our favorite color additions are red and orange, be it pillows, rugs, table décor, place settings on the table, or other room décor. The possibilities are endless.



Tip Number Six: Be Playful

Think outside the box. Outdoor patios, sunrooms, and breakfast areas are all great places to get creative and be playful. Every unique staging element you use makes the house memorable.


When it comes to staging homes, we’ve seen first-hand how quickly it impacts the sale of the home. It’s why we offer the service for free, because we know it makes a difference. Let us help you stage and sell your home today.


Keeping it real,

The Cloninger Properties Team

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