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  • Lake Norman Real Estate: Staging a Small Master Bathroom for Maximum Impact

Lake Norman Real Estate: Staging a Small Master Bathroom for Maximum Impact

When it comes to staging your bathroom to sell your home, it’s important to remember that your potential buyers will only spend a few seconds looking at it. You have to grab their attention and make the space memorable (in a good way) with only three to five seconds of looking time. Oddly enough, although buyers don’t spend much time looking at your bathroom, bathrooms are one of the three most critical spaces in a home, third only to the kitchen and the master bedroom.

With that in mind, we want to teach you a few great tricks for staging a small master bathroom to grab buyers’ attention and leave them with a great impression.


Clean the Bathroom

Yes, we know you probably clean your bathroom all the time, but by clean, we mean deep cleaning. Clean the grout in all tiled areas, recaulk the shower, tub, and sink, and descale the shower glass and all water fixtures. Make sure you get rid of any rust or lime stains in the toilet or sink. Clean the dust out of the exhaust fan. Leave no dust bunny overlooked!


Neutralize the Décor


It’s a common suggestion for staging any room in your home, and an often overlooked one. When staging your bathroom to sell your home, think fresh, clean spa-like. Paint the walls a soft beige, blue or gray. Our stager recommends Sea Salt, Passive Gray, and Kilm Beige (all by Sherwin Williams) as her go to colors. Toss out those old mismatched towels and get new, textured white ones. Remove personal toiletry items and reading material from the countertops and toilet areas as well. (No one really wants to know what you’re reading while you’re doing your business in there. In fact, they don’t want to THINK about you doing your business in there!)




If there is one area you should consider spending money when staging your bathroom, it’s in updating the fixtures. If your fixtures are obviously from another era (like the 80’s gold look) spend some extra money purchasing new faucets. You will also want to paint and reseal any chipped porcelain, and if necessary replace stained or chipped countertops. Buyers will often overlook the size of your bathroom if they are wowed by the updates you have made.


Lighten Up

Another important detail is the lighting in your bathroom. If the lighting is dim, it will make the bathroom feel dark and small. When people think of dark and small bathrooms, they think of dirty, smelly bathrooms. So invest a few extra dollars in new light fixtures that really lighten up the space. You can also increase light and make the bathroom look larger by placing a mirror across from the bathroom vanity mirror if possible.


Staging your bathroom when selling your home is often a quick and easy way to give your home that show stopping appeal buyers are looking for these days. At Cloninger Properties, we offer free staging advice from a professional stager as part of our service to our sellers. Let us help you sell your home!

Keeping it real,

The Cloninger Properties Team


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