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Have You Heard of the Other Denver?


A quick look at this map may have you thinking that someone put Denver in the wrong state, but guess again! Denver, North Carolina, often referred to as “the other Denver,” or “Denver of the East,” is the picture of small town southern life. Originally settled in the 1700’s, and known then as “Dry Pond,” the charm and laid back pace has long been an integral part of what makes Denver . . . well, Denver.


But how did a swamp town called Dry Pond ever become Denver, North Carolina? History holds that the residents of Dry Pond were trying to woo the railroads to build rail through their small community in hopes of greater opportunities for the community and its citizens. The local school principle suggested they change the name to Denver as it seemed more inviting and exciting than “Dry Pond.” (And just for the record, we couldn’t agree more!)


Alas, the railroads did not choose Denver as a rail city, and over the next 100 years, Denver, NC, struggled to grow and eventually lost it’s incorporated status. But the citizens of Denver, NC, are a hardy lot (we know, first hand), and the beautiful city of Denver is now flourishing and a chosen location for many who want a quieter life.


Denver sits on the west side of Lake Norman, and is most well known for its Rock Springs Camp Meeting, a local gathering that has been held in Denver since 1830. The great thing about life in Denver, NC, is it gives its residents both the charm and ease of small town life with the convenience of the big city amenities. With a location that offers easy access to Charlotte, but also includes beautiful lake views and a small town atmosphere, it’s no wonder this area is predicted to grow quickly in the coming years.


If you’re looking for small town life, big city amenities, the luxury of lake living, and a great place to raise a family, you’ll want to call Denver, NC, home. Let our team at Cloninger Properties help you find (or build) the home of your dreams. Contact us today.


Keeping it real,

The Cloninger Properties Team.

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