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Welcome to Cloninger Properties (and Our Blog!)



Hi and Welcome to Cloninger Properties Blog! As the Lake Norman and surrounding areas experts, our goal is to answer all your real estate related questions; but more than that, our goal is to meet all your real estate related needs.

On our blog, you’ll find great information about buying and selling a home. But we’ll also be your go-to source of information for moving, packing, updating, staging, decorating, and showing your home, no matter the condition of the real estate market.


We are known as the local experts here because generations of Cloningers have lived in these areas. If a Cloninger hasn’t bought, sold, walked, hunted, fished or explored a property in this area, it doesn’t exist. Our local knowledge is helpful to anyone interested in buying or selling a home, because we don’t just know the land, we know the local happenings. We know about schools and shopping and restaurants and maybe even a little of the local gossip (but don’t spread that around).


We know you are going to enjoy all the great information you’ll be seeing in coming months. And we’d also love to know what you are interested in as well. Leave us a comment, ask us a question, share something great you’ve learned as well, and we’ll cover those topics in our upcoming blogs. Until then, enjoy our new website and our new blog.


Keeping It Real,

Tony and Karen Cloninger


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