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Planning Your Winter Move Like a Boss


Moving out of your old home and preparing your new home is a challenge all on its own. However, moving during the winter months can add on a whole new level of drama if you aren’t adequately prepared. Of course, our job here at Cloninger Properties is to help you throughout the buying and selling process, and that includes helping you prepare for a winter move!


Keep the Essentials on Hand

The weather plays a huge part of stress when it comes to moving during the winter months. Make sure to keep all essential winter equipment handy when moving. Keep in mind the different tools you may need to make it easier to get in and out of your home. For example, keeping snow shovels, salt and sand handy for driveways and walkways if moving to a home that gets snow during the winter months. Having extra gloves and hats handy for anyone helping you with your move is also a great idea. You can also help keep everyone warm by having some hot drinks available, such as hot tea, coffee or hot cocoa. Remember to bundle up and wear layers of clothing so you can easily shed them or add them during your move.


Remember the Utilities

Another important thing to remember is to make sure that all your utilities are going to be turned on and working for the day that you are planning to move. Try to have your utilities turned on a couple of days before your moving date so that you can make sure that all appliances are working properly. And you’ll want to have the utilities on at your old home as well. Also, remember to set the thermostat in both homes to keep everyone warm when coming in from the cold weather. Make sure that all porch lights and driveway lights are working and check to see if any bulbs need to be replaced. Remember winter days are shorter and darker.


Check Your Mover’s Contract

The great thing about moving in the winter is it is typically cheaper and easier to find a mover because it’s not their peak season. While finding the right moving company may be easy, you do want to make sure to read into the contract before signing. Take a close look at what happens if on the scheduled moving day a winter storm moves in and makes it impossible for the movers to work. Check to see if they have a rescheduling fee, or if they reschedule at all. Sometimes the movers are willing to move the furniture out of your current home and keep all your items in the moving truck for the next day. Knowing these details in advance can really be a life-saver!


Travel Safely

Lastly, consider where you’re moving to and the travel roads along the way. Check for any road closures that may be taking place due to construction or inclement weather conditions. Also make sure to have your car maintenance up to date .Check your brakes, oil, and tires to ensure everything will be safe on winter roads. And as always, keep emergency equipment in your car, such as; blankets, extra gas, windshield wiper fluid and salt. If traveling further than just across town, you may want to even consider a membership to a roadside assistance service, if you don’t already have one.


Though the winter months may be dark and cold, moving into a warm cozy new home can be easy and maybe even stress free with a great plan. As an added fun step, if your new home has a fireplace, celebrate moving day by making s’mores with your family and friends who helped make the day a success.


Keeping it real,

The Cloninger Properties Team

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