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Huntersville Real Estate

Lake Norman NC real estate is a market all on its own. Even if you have spent your entire life within the surrounding area, the communities of the lake radiate a different feel. Maybe you currently live and work in Charlotte but are considering moving to a place further out in order to adopt a better work-life balance. Buyers come from all over, including neighboring counties to states across the country. Some are pursuing a waterfront house while others are open to inland homes for sale that boast a tranquil setting.

Whether you have your sights set on a particular town, like Huntersville or Cornelius, or you need help figuring out where the best schools are for your children, Cloninger Properties will assist you in any way we can and fill in the missing pieces. Our team understands that there is much more to local real estate than the properties themselves. Likewise, an educated buyer is successful in more ways than one. We strive to equip our clients with the right information upfront. Even what may seem trivial in light of the transaction at hand matters in the long run, and Cloninger Properties looks at this big picture alongside our clients. It is our hope that before you move in to your new home, you know where you can grocery shop, walk the dog, and find a doctor.

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, know that our focus is guiding you toward your ideal investment. This requires a multi-faceted though direct approach. We’ll straddle the line of professionalism and neighborliness, industry-speak and layman’s terms, leader and follower. The dynamics are as different as every client and every listing, but we’ll work with you to establish what works best for us. When looking at Lake Norman NC real estate together, it’ll be a market we’re ready to conquer.