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New Construction Real Estate

Yes, your realtor can help with a new construction home…

Everywhere you look these days, new neighborhoods are popping up. Sure, there is something to be said for moving into a brand new home. The carpet, the floors, the updated amenities, everything is new, and well . . . some people just love the allure of a brand new home.

There are so many upsides to a new construction home. New is shiny. New is pretty. New is fun. But with all those shiny, pretty, fun things to look at, sometimes buyers can get distracted and swayed by all that “new: has to offer. And while buying a new construction home may seem simple enough, there are some great reasons to have your realtor there to help you in the buying process – guiding you and protecting your best interests.

What Your Realtor Can Do For You


  • Save You Time – Your realtor can save you lots of time by finding neighborhoods and models that match what you are looking for in a home. They can also make sure you aren’t looking at homes outside of your price range, which often happens when buyers go looking through model homes.


  • Look Out For Your Interests – When you tour a development and take a tour of a model home, you have to remember one very important thing; the sales agents represents the builders and are not there to help the buyer. Having your realtor present during negotiating will help you feel at ease and will ensure that someone is looking out for you, the buyer.


  • Educate You About Builders – Your realtor can help educate you on reputations and reviews for the builders that are currently in the market. They will also help you ask the right questions to make sure you get the best quality builder.


  • Negotiate the Extras – Every builder offers incentives, even in a seller’s market. A good realtor can negotiate extra upgrades for you in your new home, including everything from paint colors, appliances, upgraded front doors and so much more.


  • Manage Concerns During Construction –Builders need to maintain their reputations with realtors for client referrals and positive feedback. Because of this, they are more likely to listen to your questions or concerns when issues arise if your realtor voices them.


Just as in buying a previously owned home, buying a new construction home can bring stress and confusion. Having a realtor by your side during this process will definitely help you feel at ease and save you both time and money.